1. I have a few messages to respond, but I’ll do it tomorrow because I’m sick and my dad told me it’s better to for me to sleep.. So I’m sorry, but I promise I’ll respond to them as fast as I can:)
    You can leave me messages, but I’ll answer them only tomorrow:(


  2. Anonymous said: Do you have Kik?

    Yes I do:) but it’s my personal so I’ll give it if you ask it without anon:)


  3. Anonymous said: Haha, I was just wondering because my TC is also a drama teacher

    Oh ok:) sorry but I was scared that someone I know found my blog:)


  4. Anonymous said: Is the teacher a drama teacher?

    Yeah.. why? Do I know you? pleas tell me:D


  5. Anonymous said: So today in lab my partner and I were SO confused. So we called over the teacher to help us. The teacher who is my TC. He came over and stood directly behind me with his one arm warped around me to take my pencil and start writing on my chart. His head was right behind my ear and he was explaining everything is this really husky whisper. After, my partner asked what the hell was going on. I lied to her and said nothing because that's the most he's ever done in front of other students.

    Wow.. it’s good that you covered it up:) did anything else happened when others weren’t around?(if you don’t mind me asking)


  6. Anonymous said: I have this massive crush on my professor he's young and pretty much perfect. Although my subject with him ends by 2 months. I don't know what to do by that time. Thinking about it makes my heart sink. Help

    Well ask him to stay in touch after and till then try to be active and smile a lot:) try talk to him when you’re with him:)


  7. Anonymous said: I passed by his class to say hello while he was teaching. He went out to talk to me but he kept having to go back inside to help pupils so I decided to leave, I was disturbing the class. Some student asked him smth while he was standing by the door, & for some reason his hand was stuck out towards me, so I touched his hand & called him to say I was leaving, but as soon as I touched it he just grabbed my hand while he talked to the girl and it took him some good 15 seconds to finally say bye omg

    OMG!!! That’s so cute and I think he didn’t want you to leave!!:3


  8. Anonymous said: Okay so today we were taking a clicker quiz (I hope you know what that is idk) and my TC was standing right behind me. I was so nervous (because he was really close) that my hand started shaking. And he put his hand on my shoulder and said (out loud to the whole class) "I like making Jordan feel uncomfortable" wtf does that mean?!? I have no idea. I don't think he meant it in a bad way because we get along really well. I don't really know what to think... Any ideas?

    I’m not so sure what a clicker quiz it is but yeah:D Well I’m sure too that he didn’t mean it in a bad way:) I think he tried to calm you down:) he tried to tell you that’s ok and you don’t need to be nervous:)


  9. Anonymous said: There's a lot of girls in my school who like my honors english teacher because he's attractive. But he's sexist and rude to his students. Personally I have a crush on my honors chemistry teacher because he's younger and fun to talk to. He's not intimidating like my English teacher, instead I find that it's easy to joke around with him. (He makes me smile so much haha) Idk this is kinda random but yeah... I love your blog by the way!

    Thank you!:) Well it’s better that you like the chem teacher because everyone else likes the English teacher so you have the chem teacher for yourself:)


  10. Anonymous said: I had to stay after class for like minute because I needed to ask for a bandaid. So I asked my TC and he freaked out that I was hurt! He was like "where are you hurt? What happened" but it was just a paper cut on my finger. So he insisted on putting the bandaid on my finger for me and WHEN HE WAS DONE HE KISSED MY FINGER AND SAID THAT HE HOPES IT DOESNT HURT!!

    OMG!! That’s so cute :3 ♥ I love hearing stories like this!!

    Thanks for sharing!!:)