1. you make me happy, but you also make me sad..


  2. September TC Challenge Day 30

    30)   What’s the sweetest thing they told you or did for you?

    Well I told him that my mom had cancer(now she’s fine:D) and he told me that if I ever need to talk to someone I can go talk to him, but honestly idk if he meant it .. Also, once in drama club I had to be slapped twice and when Ellen slapped me it was ok but then another girl(I always thought and I always will think that that girl liked/likes him)had to do it and she slepped me a little bit harder and he was like “please apologies  to S because that was a slap that she didn’t deserve it and it was mean” so yeah:)


  3. Anonymous said: This is driving me mental I want his love and devotion and the way he stares at me drives me absolutely insane what can I do to get him to make a move or should I??? Please help!! Forever desperate x

    Go talk to him and be as much as possible in his presence and see how he acts:) If it’s you’re final year you can make moves but not so obvious moves(because you shouldn’t put your education in jeopardy):) talk to him about things he’s good at:)

    I hope I heled you somehow:D


  4. Just an update

    Oh well so this week I’m not going to school because my major is in education and this year I’ll be teaching for the first time and I have this week to go to the kindergarten where I’ll be teaching and get to know them so it’s quite exciting but also sad because I won’t see B this week:(

    Last week it was a busy week for me:) I only got to talk to him once and that was when we were walking home and Ellen was near me so we didn’t talk too much:) I asked him about our Drama club and he told me that he doesn’t know it yet but he’ll let me know and he told me that he’ll try to stay in our high school as much as he can(because last week it wasn’t sure if he’s staying or if he’s leaving our school). But now it’s for sure that’s he’s staying:) So that’s a good news:)

    Also, last week, on Thursday I went back to school and I stayed there till 10 PM, with my ICT teacher(and from now on I’ll call her A cause it’s easier) and my Art teacher:) they both know about my crush and they kept teasing me about him and my art teacher told me where B lives. Also A and my Art teacher kept telling me that “soon you’ll be 18..” like they can’t wait that day XD and like something will happen that day haha

    Also, a thing that got me really mad, I heard that a sophomore thinks that “he’s cool and good looking”. when I heard it I was mad and jealous but the everyone told me that I shouldn’t be because what we have is unique.. And A told me that he would never look at those girls because they are too immature:) I hope he won’t..

    Well yeah that’s it:D I’ll try to post more often about things between the two of us but it0s hard because I’m not seeing him as often then I used to:)


  5. Anonymous said: (I was the girl who never talked to her tc) So today i thought we wouldn't have him bc we wrote like a special test..but then he suddenly came into my classroom and I'm sitting in the first row and I looked at him like shocked and then (part 1)

    ”..Idk I think he recognized it and smiled a lil bit and said “hi” to me and then my eraser fell down and a boy told me it fell down and then my teacher immediately picked it up and gave it to me ik it’s nothing special (part 2)But bc I never really talked to him and I’m very shy I was so happy ugh. And I’m probably gonna do a presentation there so I have to talk to him and he said I can come whenever I want so that’s good and I can talk to him🙊🙈 (part 3)”

    I’m so happy for you!!:) well don’t say that’s nothing special(the eraser thing) bc for you it was a special thing:)  The best thing it’s that you can now go and talk to him whenever you want so you can finally get close to him:)


  6. Anonymous said: Whenever we make eye contact me smile at each other and when he smiles it's like the best thing in the world. It's so honest and genuine he gets these happy little eye wrinkles and it's the best.

    I know exactly what you’re talking about ♥ indeed it’s the best thing in the world:)


  7. September TC Challenge Day 19-29

    19)   Imagine there’s the 3rd World War going on and you are awakened in the middle of the night by your TC. They tell you that government is after them and they have to hide but they want you to keep an object to remember them no matter what happens. What would this object be? I think it would be his sweater(he has one that I’m in love with it and I think he knows it)

    20)   What’s the most daredevil thing they’ve done?Once in Drama I fell from a desk and he kinda jumped after me and he almost hit himself trying to “save me” (if this counts as a daredevil thing:D )

    21)   How does their bedroom look like or how do you think it looks like? Idk how it looks but I thing it’s full of books and that it’s brown(idk why though)

    22)   What’s the cutest/most adorable fact about them? That he can dance and sing. and OMG him singing it’s the best thing ever!:) ♥

    23)   What are your and their biggest flow? honestly idk

    24)   What are your and their biggest talent? We’re both good actors:)

    25)   Describe the ideal wedding for you and your tc (who would you invite, where would you go on honeymoon, what would you wear etc )and write your wedding vow It would be a small wedding, this would be my dress , and i’m Catholic so there are no vows but if I would have to write something it would be something like ” From the moment we talked for the first time, i knew that there is something special about you. you made me think about you too often so I knew that I have to have you. You make me happy, you know how to fix me when no one else knows and you know how to put a smile on my face and all those matters for me:) I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!”

    26)   Post a pajamas set/night gown/onesie they would look good in or describe it.Well he would look good in those

    27)   What would you do if you woke up and found out you exchanged bodies? How would it be?It would be strange, but I’ll go to school and I would tell all the girls that I’m taken(thinking about that I’m the one)

    28)   What are your zodiac signs? Do you believe they play any role in your relationship? Do you act any like your zodiac signs? Do they match? my zodiac sign is cancer and his zodiac sign is scorpio:) and yeah I act like a cancer but he doesn’t at all:) but idk if they match or not XD

    29)   Do you think they would mind of your age gap if you were together? No I don’t think he’ll be:)


  8. Anonymous said: Ok so I'm in college now and go to my local small college (cause you know it's cheaper). Anyways today I just found out through a friend that my tc from high school went back to school and attends this college I go to. I was in shock and am sooo happy but would that be awkward if I ran into him and he saw me and omg too many scenarios forming in my head. What would you do??

    It’s not awkward at all:) well if I would be in this position and I’ll see my tc there I would go talk to him and ask a bunch of questions and I would talk to him whenever I would see him:) it’s a good thing that he’s there too, now you know that you can see him:D

    So yeah that’s what I would do:D


  9. Anonymous said: i'm really happy i found this page! all of my friends think its really weird how much i like my TC i am and now i know there are lots of other people who feel the same way :)

    Well welcome to TCC:) if you ever need to talk to someone about your tc I’m here:)

    I was happy when I found out that I’m not the only one that has a crush on a teacher too:) so I know the feeling:):D


  10. Anonymous said: So tonight was homecoming and he was a chaperone. He looked amazing. He said I looked amazing. We couldn't dance but we talked for a while. It was so cool!

    I’m happy for you:) it’s a shame that you couldn’t dance but at least you got to talk to him:)