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  3. Anonymous said: So I switched into my tcs class and I walked in and said "hey, guess what? I get to bother you all the time now" and he jumped up and went YES and someone in the class called him out on being weirdly excited and it just made me really happy (:

    Aww sweetie I’m happy for you:) that’s a good thing:)he likes having you around and that’s so good:)

    If you want you can keep me posted and if you want you can talk more about it:)


  4. Anonymous said: My friend invited me to a party a bit ago, and I said no because I'm not a fan of drinking. Later on, she told me my TC was there? I'm half glad I didn't go, because I would have made a fool of myself. But I haven't seen him all summer...

    I know that it’s really hard because now you wish you could have gone and see him but that was your decision at the time and you don’t have to regret it:) Maybe you’ll see him soon:)

    If you need to talk, i’m here:)


  5. Anonymous said: Hi!So over the past 2 years Ive had such a big and intense crush on my teacher.Hes in his early 30s and I'm 16.Hes my criminal justice teacher.He was a cop.I cant help it that I want him.How can I get over him?:/ I have a boyfriend and still want him

    If you really want to move on, you have to believe in this:) you have to do things you like and when you want to think about him, better think about your boyfriend.

    try to do funny things that will take your mind away from:) It’ll be hard because feelings don’t just leave us, but if you try you’ll succeed:)

    I hope I helped you somehow:)


  6. "Love is love. Plain and simple."
    — Andy Bellefleur(Chris Bauer), True Blood, Season 7, Episode 10

  7. August TC Challenge Day 29

    29. Is there anything you’re looking forward to the most with your TC? If you are graduated, or won’t see them anymore, what is your favorite memory with/of them?

    Well I look forward to see him almost everyday:) and i really hope that i’ll have him as a teacher again:)


  8. Anonymous said: Wow I'm so excited for this year bc my locker is right across from the new, hot English teacher's classroom god yes.

    Oh well that’s a really good thing and you’re lucky:)


  9. Anonymous said: (i was the one who sent the long 5 part ask earlier, part 4 must've been cut out sorry!) part 4 was basically finishing off the quote. ''I want to write something inspiring but i will instead say you will be missed for your cutting and inappropriate sarcasm! Take care, Mr (name) xx''

    you don’t have to worry about it:) It’s really nice that he wrote in your yearbook:) you should seriously contact him somehow:)


  10. Anonymous said: So, I graduated highschool this year and am planning to go to uni. The teacher I had a crush on left my old highschool at the same time. Its been a couple months and I had hoped it would go away (and it did for a little while) (part 1)

    You forgot part 4 but it’s ok:)”(part 2) I tried adding him on Facebook like a couple weeks after I left and he brought it up at the leavers BBQ my school has. he still hasn’t responded to it and I miss the friendship we had so much. He was like Robert Downey Jr so much.
    (part 3) he loved sarcasm so much and wit even more so. The thing he wrote in my yearbook (the last day I saw him) was, “I was to write something inspiring (nickname), however I will instead say you will be missed for your cutting and…(part 5) I forgot to mention that I never actually had him as a teacher, me and my friends just hung about in his room at lunch, so we were always playful (which is where my inappropriate sarcasm came in). He told me I looked good in his glasses once”
    Well if you two got along that well you could message him on facebook and ask him to go out for a coffee before you start uni:) and maybe you could tell him that you miss the friendship that you had it with him:) There’s not much you could do. You have to get in touch with him somehow so you wouldn’t lose that friendship:)
    I hope i helped you somehow and if you need me i’m always here:D