1. Anonymous said: So, I graduated highschool this year and am planning to go to uni. The teacher I had a crush on left my old highschool at the same time. Its been a couple months and I had hoped it would go away (and it did for a little while) (part 1)

    You forgot part 4 but it’s ok:)”(part 2) I tried adding him on Facebook like a couple weeks after I left and he brought it up at the leavers BBQ my school has. he still hasn’t responded to it and I miss the friendship we had so much. He was like Robert Downey Jr so much.
    (part 3) he loved sarcasm so much and wit even more so. The thing he wrote in my yearbook (the last day I saw him) was, “I was to write something inspiring (nickname), however I will instead say you will be missed for your cutting and…(part 5) I forgot to mention that I never actually had him as a teacher, me and my friends just hung about in his room at lunch, so we were always playful (which is where my inappropriate sarcasm came in). He told me I looked good in his glasses once”
    Well if you two got along that well you could message him on facebook and ask him to go out for a coffee before you start uni:) and maybe you could tell him that you miss the friendship that you had it with him:) There’s not much you could do. You have to get in touch with him somehow so you wouldn’t lose that friendship:)
    I hope i helped you somehow and if you need me i’m always here:D

  2. August TC Challenge Day 27-28

    27. I know it’s a typical question, but if you could tell your TC to listen to one song because of its lyrics, what would it be?I think I would make him to listen to Birdy- All you never say

    28. Is there a song you wish your TC wanted you to hear for the lyrics? What is it?

    I think I would like him to tell me to listen to Boyce Avenue - On My Way
    or maybe Lonestar- Amazed


  3. Anonymous said: so i took this class just because he is the teacher and we hit it off right away and we actually have a really great friendship type thing and its onl four day into the year. BUT there is another girl whois always talking t him and making him laugh and i feel like he likes her better. i hate seeing her make him laugh but love seeing him laugh

    It’s a good thing that you two started like this, so you don’t have to worry about the other girl:) Maybe with time you’ll get closer to him and that girl “will disappear”.

    If you want to make him laugh or anything, get to know what he likes and that will really help you when you two will talk:)

    I hope I helped you:) if you need me i’m always here:)


  4. Anonymous said: Hi!😊So over 2 years I've developed intense feels for a specific teacher I'm 15 he's 30 but when I say intense like I mean leg shaky, flustered do anything to see him intense. & he's probably said about 10 words to me total😩 and to top it off he's married. I'm so conflicted about him. I tease him constantly when I walk by tryin to get him worked up, I know it's awful, but I literally cannot control it. Plus he talks super seductive around me and makes a lot of eye contact so it's even harder😞

    Hey!:) I know what you’re talking about when it comes to feelings, that’s how I feel too and I have this crush for over a year and a half.

    And it’s not awful that you want to have his attention, it’s a normal thing:) I know that it’s hard when he makes eye contact, but when he does try to hold it as much as possible. If you don’t have him as a teacher you can maybe go to him and ask him to help you, that’s a good start, and even if you won’t be with him at least you can talk to him and that would really help:) (I hope I make sense:D )
    And I hope I helped you somehow:) I’m always here if you need me:D


  5. Anonymous said: Heyy, I cant but feel like I missed the chance to get closer, I couldve voluteered as class representitive or changed classes to his class but I did none of it because I thought this feeling could be put away.. I never expected it to be this hard.

    First, I’m sorry that it took me so much to respond:D

    You don’t have to beat yourself because you didn’t volunteered or anything else, at that moment you thought that it was the right thing to do so it’s alright:) And sometimes we think that if we ignore those feelings will go away, but in reality they only grow, so I know how you feel.

    If you ever want to talk i’m here:)


  6. If I can talk to you and not be judged, reblog this.

  7. That’s for sure:)


  8. OMG!!

    I saw B today!!I was with my friend in downtown and we saw him. It was only for 1 minute, but it was enough for me!! When I saw him I couldn’t stop myself from smiling and I’m sure my heart skipped a few beats and my knees got weak. I missed him so much.

    I’m so happy! He made my day and know I now that I’ll miss him even more.

    Now I know for sure that I’m in love with him:)


  9. August TC Challenge Day 25-26

    25. How long do you imagine you will keep your TC blog?I’ll keep it as long as I need it:) but if not I’ll keep it to help others:)

    26. What are some of your TC’s hobbies? If you don’t know, what do you think their hobbies would be?Honestly idk I know he likes to read and t watch movies but other then that idk..


  10. Anonymous said: top five turn ons, top five turn offs

    Turn ons:

    • Confidence
    • Intelligence
    • Sarcasm
    • Sense of humor
    • Dreamer but serious when it’s case

    Turn offs (I can’t find more sorry:D )

    • Fake people
    • Copy cats

    Thanks for asking:)